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We will record your legacy story with Hollywood-level production,
100% free of charge for Indigenous communities.

Preserve your family's unique Indigenous wisdom for generations to come, and help guide future leadership in all tribes.

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Unite the Tribes

A global roundtable discussion uniting leadership from Indigenous, old and new-world tribes, to answer the following questions: What role can Indigenous wisdom play in healing Humanity, saving Mother Earth, and preventing the parasitic colonialism of the cosmos? How can we inspire greater representation of Indigenous Perspectives in positions of power? How can we unite all tribes toward a common cause?

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Full-frame glass and 10-bit UHD sensors (64x more dynamic color range than standard video), our video partners ensure world-class video quality captures each pixel in it's best light.

Preserve Your Wisdom


Thank you for making it possible to offer this important service at no cost to Indigenous communities, and explore our critical existential exploration of human destiny on earth and beyond.

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Our philosophy & mission

Preventing parasitic colonialism of the cosmos

What does Indigo mean?

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A Temple on Four Pillars

Just like the four directions, our temple is built on Four Pillars.


  • Apathy, Nihilism & Mental Health
  • Reconciling Plant Medicines
  • Reconciling Science & Spirituality


  • Understanding Tribalism & Uniting the Tribes
  • Reconciling with Indigenous Peoples & Their Critical Connection to Nature
  • Global Equity & the Age of Post-Scarcity


  • Conservation, Sustainable Development & the Biodiverse Evolutionary Library of the Forest
  • Stopping Emergency Pollutants: Carbon, Microplastics & More
  • Symbiosis & Becoming Guardians of Nature


  • Ethical Implications of Industrialization & Militarization of Space
  • Ethical Implications of Becoming Interplanetary & Interstellar
  • Human Destiny & Protocols for Cosmic Stewardship

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Original aerial photograph of Neo-Shaman playing a didgeridoo on a rock formation.
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Film & Video Projects

We are a multimedia laboratory dedicated to restoring the balance between Humanity and Nature.


Exploring the topic of Indigenous Leadership:

Do Indigenous cultures hold a key to restoring the balance with Nature?

How can we empower Indigenous leaders to take a more active role in the global positions of power?

Can Humanity truly expand into the cosmos with peaceful intent, without first reconciling the treatment of their own Original Peoples?

Unite the Tribes

A global project utilizing cutting-edge videography and live streaming technologies for world-changing conversations to unite all tribes and solve the Big Problems:

The healing of Humankind, the saving of Mother Earth and Her biosphere, and the creation of Protocols for Cosmic Stewardship.

What It Means to be Human

With the advent of hyper-secularized Western civilization, many human beings grow up without a proper initiation ritual.

They do not know what it means to be human.

In this groundbreaking documentary, we will explore answers from the perspectives of many different tribes around the world, both old and new, and ultimately integrate a holistic framework for human destiny as a force of harmony in nature and the cosmos.


The Pacific Northwest is considered to be one of Earth's most beautiful landscapes - but it contains a dark secret.

By working with local indigenous communities and artists, we will visualize and explore the largest natural disaster in American history - the "really big one", coming just around the corner.

This film explores the nature of beauty and death, the importance of awareness and preparedness, and the timeless power of a proactive community to rise up against and meet any threat, no matter how large.

Eating the Mountain

This mini-documentary explores practices of highly destructive mining practices in our own back yard.

What is the nature of cybernetic egregores which consume entire mountains?

What are the implications for language, society and the natural balance?

Mars Calling

Is Humanity ready to become an Interplanetary Species?

If we are a parasite on the Planet Earth, what could the implications be to the Cosmos at large if such important questions are left unanswered?

This documentary has a secret message: The only way to properly become interplanetary is to save our own planet first!


In this landmark documentary, we will explore the Psychedelic Revolution from the perspective of ancient plant medicine practitioners / shamanic cultures / indigenous wisdom-keepers, as well as modern day neo-shamanic practices taking over mainstream culture.

If when properly used, they consistently heal trauma and inspire global impact, are they a Universal Panacea?

If their potential benefits far outweigh their potential risks, what are the implications for policy, the wrongfully incarcerated, and obsolete scarcity-based politics / economics?

How can we reduce the stigma around their use, and integrate them into the highest levels of society, where they may be needed most?

Investment & Partnership Opportunities

"Unite the Tribes"


Make the ultimate difference.

Every day, indigenous stories, cultures and perspectives are lost to time. All the while, humanity makes 150 species go exist in a single day.

Give in a way to solve both. By preserving and disseminating the important stories of respecting nature, we can ensure an effective awakening on a global scale.

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Are you a producer? Have you ever wanted a credit on IMDB?

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The (r)Evolution Mustn't Fail.

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Who We Are

"Unite the Tribes"

The Meaning of Our Logo

Our logo is a vectorized version of ancient Indigenous spirals found in rock carvings. This particular spiral is Taino or Pre-Taino.

Some say the meaning of the Taino/pre-Taino spiral symbol represents cosmic energy and sweet water.

According to Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist who founded analytical psychology, that the spiral is an archetypal symbol that represents cosmic force.

The Meaning of Our Name

Our goal is to trace the roots through language and culture to find the common link between all peoples.

Whether you come from the Americas, Asia or even Europe, we want Indigo to stand for the indigenous roots that all people inherently share.

We also appreciate the etymological ambiguity that comes from the root word, "ind-"...

In Greek, it refers to dye from the land of India, and the Indus river (this is the etymology of the color, indigo).

In Latin, it means indigenous - a word describing native or original peoples to inhabit a place.

Ultimately, we wish to show that beyond the semantic labels which serve to make us distinct and keep us separated, ALL peoples can all trace a profound, organic sense of connection to the land, an undeniable responsibility to One Planet, and a shared destiny in the Cosmos with all tribes.

In order to create a strong and harmonious unity, we must respect each unique, individual tribe and identity. Hereby we can share one planet and one cosmos in peace - only through appreciation for the bountiful diversity of biology and culture of all peoples.

This is what Indigo means to us.

Whether the word Indigo comes from "India" or "Indigenous", it always points to the same place: 


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